Jack Franklin, currently in his fourth year of his Real Estate career at Tobin Real Estate, brings invaluable industry experience in residential sales and administration. With a quiet, calm, and logical approach to his work, Jack is a reliable asset to the team. Troubleshooting and problem-solving are his forte, as he excels in finding effective solutions to complex issues.

Known for his attention to detail, Jack’s ability to work through challenges is second to none. His commitment to excellence ensures that every task is completed with precision and accuracy. With an extensive background in Information Technology and Technical Production, Jack is constantly advancing his skills in these areas.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jack is a passionate classic car enthusiast, particularly with a soft spot for Chryslers. As a true enthusiast, he finds joy in restoring and maintaining these automotive gems.

His dedication extends beyond work hours, as he thrives on hard work and is available seven days a week. Jack’s unwavering commitment makes him a valuable member of the Tobin team.