Choosing the Right Agent

The Tobin Difference

Choosing the right Real Estate Agent can be a difficult decision, however, in the end it comes down to finding the Agency with the most experience and a track record of consistent hard work. Tobin Real Estate has the proven experience and dedication to get the job done.

“We believe we offer a superior Real Estate Service and our record of achievements are testament to our continuing hard work.”

Following is a brief outline of what you can expect when you appoint us to secure the sale of your property …

The Appraisal – Where Experience really counts

The appraisal of any property is not only the first step but also the most important. A property which is not appraised correctly, and subsequently listed at an inappropriate asking price, is a wasted opportunity for the Seller.

Your property is inspected by one of the members of our Sales Team, all of whom have the experience and knowledge of the current property market. They can confidently speak with you about what comparable properties have sold for in recent times as well as where your property would be positioned in the current market and what competition it may face.

We provide you with a written “Comparative Market Analysis” so that you can better understand local trends and values as they currently stand. By sharing our knowledge and experience with you, you can be confident that you are placing your Property onto the market at the right asking price.

Method of Sale – Give yourself the very best chance of selling

There are numerous methods of listing your property and we will certainly talk with you about each of these, however, we strongly recommend granting us an Exclusive Agency to market and sell your property.

An Exclusive Agency listing means we can concentrate on your property and devote the time and resources necessary to achieve that all important sale. Our Exclusive Listings are extensively advertised and promoted.

Marketing Your Property – Get the exposure you deserve

Establishing the correct listing price and method of sale are crucial, but without the correct marketing the message will simply not reach the right potential buyers. This is where our profile and reputation prove invaluable.

Everyone knows “Tobins” and it is one of the first places a potential buyer will begin their search in the area. Our prime location and outstanding pictorial Window Display attract plenty of attention both during the day and at night. Our For Sale Signs are eye catching and also generate a remarkable level of enquiry.

We have established a strong presence on the Internet. Our own Website generates countless enquiries every day and we go to great lengths to ensure that all entries are up to date and that they present each property to its greatest advantage. We have also established strategic partnerships with other leading Australian property Websites (including and giving our clients exposure to millions of potential buyers every day.

You can rest assured that your property will be professionally and constantly promoted – everyone will know your property is for sale!

Keeping in Touch – Simply the best in Real Estate Service

Communication is all important during the Sale Period. It can be frustrating when advertising is undertaken or inspections are carried out and no feedback is given on the outcome. All of our Sales Team are trained to keep in touch with the Seller whenever they conduct an inspection and to discuss the overall progress of the sale on a regular basis. It is important to us that you should always feel comfortable in making contact with any member of the team if you have questions or comments to make.

Contract Negotiations – Excellence in professionalism

If a buyer expresses an interest in purchasing your property, we strongly encourage them to put their intentions “in writing” and immediately prepare a Contract of Sale (which has been produced by the Real Estate Institute of Queensland and approved by the Queensland Law Society).

You will usually deal directly with the Salesperson involved as he/she is in the strongest position to negotiate the best price for you. If counter offers are involved, your Salesperson knows that time is of the essence and will act promptly to ensure that both parties are kept informed and any potential agreement is reached expediently.

After the Contract is Signed – Still working for you

Once the contract is signed by both parties, there is still work to be done. Building/Pest and Finance Inspections are often part of a Contract and we will work with the buyers to have these carried out in a timely fashion. Likewise we will keep in touch with the buyers to ensure that commitments such as payment of deposits are forthcoming by the due dates. You will be kept informed of the progress of each condition of sale.

Once settlement has been effected, we will promptly account to you for any Deposit Monies held and issue a fully itemised Tax Invoice for your records.

In Conclusion… Peace of mind

The team at Tobin Real Estate would welcome the opportunity to assist you with the sale of your valuable property. We believe that we offer a truly superior Real Estate Service to our Sellers and are confident that, by working with you, we can achieve your ultimate goal – the best possible price for your property. That is the Tobin difference!

“Excellence in Real Estate for over 70 years.”