Preparing Your Property For Sale

Some Helpful Hints from Tobin Real Estate

The most important thing that you can do to help us sell your property is to make it look attractive to people who may want to buy. Although it requires a little effort on your part, your home can be sold more quickly and at a better price! Here are some suggestions to help you show your property to its best advantage:

  • First impressions count and buyers are far more likely to inspect the inside of your home if they are impressed with the outside. Keep the lawn mowed and edged, garden beds weeded, shrubs/trees pruned and the yard free of any rubbish or debris.
  • Give your home a thorough “Spring Clean”. People seeing your home for the first time will often notice items which you have come to overlook (eg. marks on walls, cobwebs).
  • Repair any leaking taps. Dripping taps may suggest plumbing problems to a potential buyer. Changing a tap washer is an inexpensive repair and will remove this objection.
  • Blown or missing light bulbs, loose door knobs, sticking doors and windows, torn flyscreens and other minor flaws detract from the overall appearance of the home. We recommend having these minor and usually inexpensive problems fixed immediately so that they do not distract a potential buyer.
  • Display the full storage capabilities of your home. Remove all unnecessary clutter from your home and garage. If the home looks like you have no space a potential buyer may feel they will not have enough space either.
  • Keep stairways and walkways clear, this helps give a more spacious feel.
  • Clean, well decorated kitchens and bathrooms hold great appeal for potential buyers. Try to keep the kitchen sink and benches free of dishes and to make sure everything in the bathroom has been picked up. It is important that both these areas “feel” bright and airy.
  • During the day, keep all curtains and blinds open, especially in rooms that tend to be a little dim. Turning on all your lights for an evening inspection will make your home far more attractive.
  • If there is a particular fixture (eg. light fitting, dishwasher, air conditioner) that will not be included in the sale, we would recommend that you remove it now. If you can, replace the item with an alternative – it may save problems later.

It can be hard to keep your home looking pristine for an extended period of time but the reward could well be a shorter time on the market and a better sale price achieved.



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